What Is Data Segmentation And Why Is It So Important?

Data segmentation is one of the most useful strategies a business can implement when planning their marketing efforts. Segmenting your data is the process of dividing your audience of consumers based on commonalities and differences or grouping them together based on specific characteristics. Effectively utilizing segmentation in your marketing efforts can help your business and increase revenue. Our team put together a short list of some of the pros of data segmentation!

Better able to Identify Opportunities Within Your Audience

If your campaign’s audience is too broad, then the message you are sending out won’t apply to all recipients. When this happens, you risk only having a few people actually become a customer and your acquisition rates may suffer. In general, you want to send your campaigns to people who are actually interested in your product or service to maximize profits. Once you are able to really understand your audience, you can start targeting each campaign after that more specifically to their needs and interests.

Improve Revenue and Engagement

When you are segmenting your data accurately, your audience will become more receptive to your marketing message. This stands true because instead of consumers deleting that marketing message as soon as it hits the inbox, they are more likely to open, read, engage, and maybe even complete a purchase. You may then start to see engagement metrics rise because your consumers are being correctly targeted and are seeing effective messages that really mean something to them. Then, once the purchase is complete the result is a no-brainer.. improved profit!

Can help in other business ventures

By segmenting your data accurately, you can find which segments work best for each product/solution and which segments don’t work as well. From there, you can give this precise targeting information to other departments in your business to help them with other business ventures and opportunities. It’s a win-win!

Examples of some of our data segments when partnering with Connext

At Connext, we are able to help you and your business accurately target the right people for each of your campaigns. We do this by tapping into our expansive database and supplying our clients and partners with specific targeting segments. Some examples for this spring are: hotel shoppers, baseball fans, motorcycle enthusiasts, vacationers, pet lovers, and even soccer moms! Get in contact with our team today to learn more about how we can help with segmenting and reaching your ideal audience. 

Jessica Rodriguez