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Today’s consumers are continually bombarded by marketing messages. With so many channels of communication dying for attention, your message may get missed, filtered or blocked. Unless your messaging is highly focused to reach a predetermined targeted audience, you could be wasting time, resources and budget, as well as destroying the value of your data. That’s where Connext Digital comes into play.

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Audience profiling is the process of defining exactly who your target customer is by analyzing consumer buying behaviors across multiple platforms and touchpoints. By segmenting customers into groups with similar behaviors, marketing campaigns can be tailored to reach a specific audience who is most likely to deliver the greatest success and ROI. While age, gender and geography are valuable starting points, audience profiling can provide businesses with a more comprehensive understanding of their customer’s behavior by providing additional attributes such as education, lifestyle, interests and attitudes.

Once you have defined your ideal target audience, your marketing strategy can then be focused around the creation of meaningful, personalized campaigns designed to resonate with consumer’s beliefs and perceptions. A clear understanding of your customer’s attitudes and how it relates to your brand is key to choosing persuasive message that builds loyalty with your audience.

At Connext, we help your business understand exactly where and when to promote your marketing message allowing for the greatest impact for consumer engagement. It’s important to set clear goals that can be measured and validated across different marketing platforms tracking the entire customer journey.

Once the attention of your target audience has been captured, you can then influence their purchasing decision by providing valuable free content, such as videos and testimonials, in exchange for their contact information. Placing the persona and personal preferences of your target audience at the forefront of your growth strategy means you can create relatable content that your customers will value, respect and trust, leading to increased brand interaction and sales conversions.

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