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Digital DNA Mapping

digital dna strand

Digital DNA Mapping (Digital Link to Audiences) is the ability to map the online behavior of customers to an offline data record. This is necessary for any effective digital marketing strategy. At Connext Digital, we enable our clients the ability to reach the same customer, or prospect, across all channels through our unique digital onboarding process. 

Reach people on their smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops! 

Put your offer where you audience is most actively engaging! 

Our industry-leading matching capability will seamlessly input your consumer data file and match those individuals to the following marketing channels:

  • Verified Deliverable Email
  • Mobile Display (& Mobile App)
  • Desktop
  • Native
  • Social (Facebook)

We can then identify consumers by geographic, demographic and lifecycle profiles that are all tied to emails and device IDs. If you want business growth, you want Connext Digital in your corner!

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