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New Customer Acquisition

In short, New Customer Acquisition is the process of acquiring new customers for your business. Our goal is to create a sustainable acquisition strategy that can adapt to incorporate new trends and evolve with any changes. New customer acquisition is important for any business – to cover costs, pay employees, and to reinvest in growth. Being able to turn new customers into measurable sales keeps companies fiscally healthy and growing.

Email Marketing is a widely used and successful marketing channel. But the truth about marketing is that you can always do better – from reaching new audiences, formulating better messaging and minimizing costs. We truly believe in this mentality at Connext.. we are always striving to do more.

To minimize costs, it’s important to improve on your website conversions efforts by enhancing your calls-to-action, ensuring your site is mobile device responsive and optimizing your landing pages.

A solid customer acquisition strategy should be flexible, targeted and diversified. Marketing and sales, and the way people respond to them are always changing and you need to keep up.

We understand that all consumers aren’t your best customers, which is why targeting is so important. Segmentation is a process that enables you to nurture your prospects with the right message at the right time, eventually moving each through your funnel to becoming a customer. Before you invest in any customer acquisition methods, define your ideal target audience.

Email marketing is a great way to get your most convincing messaging in front of prospective decision makers. If you’re nurturing the right subscribers by using both segmentation and the right content, then you can speed up your sales cycle by getting the right content to the right decision maker at the right time.

All of this is easily done with the help from us at Connext Digital. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business acquire their next best new customers.

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