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In-app advertising is the ability to serve branded advertisement messaging through applications on a consumer’s mobile device. These messages are much less disruptive since they won’t display until the user opens the app. The goal is to grab the attention of the consumer when they’re in a certain emotional state or performing a specific action.

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Accessibility is a significant benefit to consider when creating in-app ads. Since most consumers have their phones with them wherever they go, it’s very easy to reach them through in-app advertising. And more importantly, you’ll have access to a captive audience – potential customers who are already using the app and interested in your offer. Since they’re already engaged, it makes the conversion process an easier one.

In-app messages are designed to capitalize on engagement and strengthen it, so it’s important that your messages are well designed and flow with the user experience. In-app ads are formatted to fit the screen and look better, improving overall engagement. Location is also a big factor in being able to deliver relevant ads in-app to users. Consumers are guaranteed to see in-app messages since they can’t opt out of them, leading to a high response rate.

At Connext Digital we offer targeting by geofencing locations or by audience segments. This helps to make sure your in-app ads are reaching the right people!

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