What We Do Well

Our Client Commitments

At Connext Digital we live by the “and then some” motto – we don’t just strive to meet your expectations we strive to exceed them…and then some. It all starts with the data and email. Connext has data pulled from 10,000+ sites, offline data matched to offline postal data (100m people and 500 audience selects) and over 250 million verified consumer ePostal records. We are always looking to help advertisers and brands understand their customer’s unique interests and behaviors for the best results. This allows us to target the same person across all of their devices at the same time, creating a one touch campaign for your client.

We have the ability to truly LISTEN to the needs of our clients – it’s a skill that we have gained, and perfected, over many years of deep client relationship development and one on one communication. It has been proven that when we engage with a client, we have the keen ability to build their brand appropriately and increase their sales with the proactive processes we employ. Leveraging the partnerships we have been forming for decades adds tremendous value to what we offer. Because of our diverse senior skill set we are able to fully nurture our clients through the most complex advertising campaigns they may have.

We are never satisfied with our success. We push ourselves to find better ways to improve campaign execution and efficiencies and to find additional ways to make our clients happy.

We value and welcome the effort it takes to make a campaign or program work consistently. We equally value the time we spend with our families and friends. We strive each day to find the right balance and share it with those involved in our business.

Finally, it is our personal commitment that we will always do right by our clients and partners. We will work hard and smart to deliver each time you entrust us with your budgets and advertising offers. Your success is the driving force behind our commitment to you and we always put our best foot forward…and then some.