Email Marketing

Email Deployment

Every part of your Connext Digital email marketing campaign is processed through our state-of-the-art campaign management services. We provide full-service email marketing management through our integrated marketing technology and pride ourselves on always providing outstanding customer service.

Our customer acquisition process enables all of our client partners- both large and small – to profile core prospecting segments, reach scalable local and national audiences and deploy targeted email marketing campaigns through premium email delivery partners. We work consultatively with our clients from start to finish through the entire campaign deployment process: by selecting the best audiences, building the best creatives, going through subject line development and then analyzing these campaigns with detailed post
campaign reporting.

Most of all, we will ensure that your customers are immersed in your brand throughout the entirety of your campaign.

Measuring Engagement

Once your campaign deploys, we will begin measuring and tracking activity across all devices from email opens to clicks. We will analyze the performance of your campaigns and make real-time adjustments to improve your overall campaign.

Contact us today to learn more about our email deployment process.

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