Make Your Marketing Strategy Multichannel This Year

Having your marketing campaign only utilize one channel may cause your business to miss out on endless opportunities! With so many channels to choose from, you may find yourself intimidated. Let our team help you understand why you should make your marketing strategy a multichannel approach this year and in the years to come! We can help make the entire process easy for your business.

We all know consumers are no longer reading emails or viewing ads only on their desktops. They are engaging across multiple platforms on a daily basis. “Companies that use multichannel marketing experience a 3X higher effectiveness rate than those that do not.” 1 It’s no wonder why marketers are turning to a multichannel approach this year and beyond.

Increased Brand Loyalty and Recognition

The more visible your offer is across multiple channels, the more potential customers your company will attract. Your business will be able to market a very personalized message across various channels to accelerate new customer acquisition. All of this will create greater brand loyalty and boost overall retention. According to a survey, “72% of consumers would rather connect with brands that implement a multichannel marketing strategy.” 1 Customers love things that are easy, and getting your campaign in front of their eyes will only continue to catch their interest.

Ability to Achieve a Complete View of Your Customer

When your company collects feedback from their marketing efforts you can form a better understanding of what works and how you can improve for future campaigns. Your business can then tailor your marketing efforts more effectively and identify which channels work and segment efficiently. “Multichannel marketing offers more “global,” complete data, allowing your business to have a better understanding of your client base’s needs and desires.” 2 With a complete and full understanding of what your customer wants to see, you are able to reach them across the appropriate channels for a fully immersive experience.

Increased ROI

Correctly implementing a multichannel approach can help your business see a year-to-year increase in revenue. “50% of multichannel marketers say they usually or always hit their financial targets” 1. With correct segmenting and targeting of your campaigns you will be able to reach your best prospects to grab their attention and in turn, increase your ROI. At Connext, we know email marketing boasts a high ROI so combining other channels on top of email will only skyrocket your incoming results. Any great multichannel campaign starts with understanding who you are looking to reach and how you are going to accomplish it. By truly understanding your target audience, you can better market to them and reap the benefits. If starting your multichannel approach sounds daunting, don’t fret. Connext Digital can help you start implementing a full multichannel approach today with ease. Reach out to one of our team members to learn more.


Jessica Rodriguez