Tips For Writing Email Subject Lines To Increase Your Open Rates!

Email subject lines can play a significant role in whether or not an email is opened by the recipient. If the message hitting your customer’s inbox isn’t sparking their interest and getting them to open your emails, you are missing out on huge business opportunities. Our team put together 7 tips for writing your subject lines that will increase your open rates! 


Since nearly 1.7 billion users check emails on their mobile phones 1 keeping subject lines on the shorter side is often the better option. If your subject line is too long it risks being cut off when your customer is on a mobile device trying to read your email. Our team recommends no more than 9 words and 60 characters. If you need more space for additional copy you can always use preheader text!

Caps and Punctuation

We recommend avoiding all caps or excessive punctuation. Our team suggests no more than 3 punctuation marks per subject line. Too many punctuation marks risks your email being sent to SPAM.


Your subject lines are your opportunity to draw customers in. Use your subject lines to announce what is in your email. Keep it short, concise, and to the point. Our best tip for copy is to avoid using one word subject lines or words like “FREE” as they may trigger SPAM filters. 


Personalization is a great way to really connect with your customers in a personal way. Personalized subject lines increase email open rates by at least 50%.2 Personalized emails may work best when combined with targeted automation such as birthday deals and post-purchase follow ups. Other examples of personalization can be by first name, interests, and location, and more!


Emojis are a great way to capture your customer’s attention with a visual aspect! Our team recommends using emojis to complement your copy not as an actual replacement of words. According to Mailchimp’s research you should use no more than 1 emoji at a time.3 Our team suggests this website to reference emojis for your subject lines: 4


Using numbers in your subject line can help tell a story while also being visually different from just using letters. Try replacing number words with actual numbers next time you are putting your subject lines together!

Test, Test, Test

Test your subject lines to make sure they read correctly across all platforms. You can make sure no characters are being cut off or are misspelled but running it by others in your company. You can also try testing multiple subject lines using A/B testing to see which brings the most engagement/opens to your campaign.

Send Away

Your subject line is perfect and ready to be sent! Get ready to watch your open rates increase by utilizing these best practices/tips. If you are ready to learn more and dive into the email marketing world contact our team at Connext, where we really love and take pride in email marketing

Jessica Rodriguez