Dos and Don’ts for Best Email Deliverability

Let’s be honest, if your emails aren’t being delivered you risk wasting your marketing dollars and your marketing message may not reach your intended audience. Even worse, your message could end up being misidentified and triggered into a user’s SPAM folder. Luckily, our team has compiled a list of dos and don’ts that will help you increase email deliverability this year.


  • Make sure your subject line reflects the content within your email. Doing this will prevent readers from assuming the email is spam.
  • Provide a valid postal address in your footer as well as an option to opt-in or out of future marketing emails. This will ensure that your email is compliant with privacy regulations
  • Keep your creative to 80% text and 20% images.
  • Create a noticeable and clear CTA (Call-to-action) above the fold.


  • Avoid SPAM phrases associated with gifts, promises of free gifts, and excessive punctuation or symbols such as (!!!, *&^%$**, ????).
  • Try to avoid using red text and ALL CAPS as this could trigger SPAM filters.
  • Don’t deploy your email with missing contact information. It is the law to insert your business address in the footer of your emails.

Our team works with email creatives day in and day out as we help our clients deploy their campaigns. Overall, the most critical and important parts of deliverability come from a sender’s design and content. Keeping in mind some of the above dos and don’ts will allow you to increase your overall deliverability rates and keep your email campaigns compliant. 

Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you deploy your email marketing campaigns with ease! 

Jessica Rodriguez