An email checklist for your business!

Preparing your email campaign doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Having an email content checklist ready to go before each and every campaign can help save time and money! Our team has put together a checklist below:

From Name – Make sure your recipients know who the campaign is coming from. This name should correspond to the company address as well as the unsubscribe information in the footer. 

Footer Address – The postal address for the mailer should always appear in the footer. The company listed should also correspond with what is listed as the From Name. This will keep  your campaign CAN-SPAM compliant. It’s crucial that this is consistent throughout all of your email campaigns. 

Unsubscribe link – Make sure your unsubscribe link is properly working and in the footer of your email. Similarly to the footer address, the company listed should correspond with what is listed as the From Name to stay compliant.

Subject Line – Make sure your subject line accurately reflects your offer and isn’t misleading. Below are some tips when you are constructing your subject line:

  • Be friendly, clear, and concise! 
  • Add emojis as they have been proven to increase open rates as well as save space!
  • DO NOT WRITE IN CAPS! This can create the wrong kind of urgency and can trigger SPAM filters. 
  • Don’t overuse punctuation. ??!?!?!? can trigger SPAM filters as well. 
  • Offer a discount the recipients can’t refuse or crack a joke that will get them laughing!
  • Limit your subject lines to 50 characters or less (on average).

HTML & Text – Your creative content should be accurate and not misleading. A single column design is best practice for most emails (other than product-based or newsletter style) as it is much easier to optimize for mobile devices. Along with that, for best optimization on desktop, keep your email’s maximum width between 600px-650px with responsive design. You should plan to use a combination of text and images as a creative that is only images isn’t ideal (you should stick to the ratio of 70:30). 

After all is said and done and your creative and email campaign is ready to go, don’t forget to test, test test! Testing is the best and easiest way to work out kinks in your campaign and make sure everything is perfect before it goes live. If you need help along the way with your email marketing campaigns reach out to our team, at Connext Digital, as we take pride in our work from start to finish of any campaign! Contact us today.

Jessica Rodriguez