New Customer Acquisition

What Is New Customer Acquisition?

New Customer Acquisition is a specialized process used for identifying and acquiring new customers for your business in the New York City area. Here at Connext Digital, our team of highly skilled and experienced specialists is equipped to create and design a sustainable acquisition strategy for your New York City business that can adapt to incorporate the latest trends while evolving any changes. New customer acquisition is an important component of any type of business since it helps in covering costs, paying employees, and even reinvesting in growth. When you are able to identify new customers and turn them into measurable sales, your company is sure to remain healthy both fiscally and growth-wise.

Increased Costs

Over the past several years, there has been a substantial increase in the overall cost of acquiring new customers, especially in the New York City area. These changes can cause company owners to feel at a loss. Rather than feel at a loss, companies need to work smarter at improving their customer acquisition, which is by far one of the most important marketing priorities for all companies today. With that said, the team here at Connext Digital stands ready to help you build an acquisition strategy that will withstand ongoing changing trends and is sure to withstand the test of time.

Customer Acquisition Benefits Your Business

Customer acquisition is vital to any New York City business allowing a business to:

  • Meet costs, pay employees, and reinvest in business growth by making money
  • Is beneficial to investors and partners by showing evidence that the business model is being well received by customers. When you are able to identify, attract and keep new customers, you are able to keep your company growing, which keeps your investors happy and satisfied.

Acquisition Marketing

Acquisition marketing is a process by which you implement specialized strategies in order to market products and services to potential new customers. This unique marketing tool targets consumers with an awareness of your brand who are contemplating making a purchase. This strategy involves the collaboration of both your marketing and customer service teams. There are a number of customer acquisition strategies that can be implemented, including that of using customer acquisition channels.

Here at Connext Digital, our team of skilled marketing specialists is equipped to provide strategies needed for companies to attract new leads and customers. Depending upon a business’s overall strategy as well as its audience, our team can help to create effective marketing channels and customer acquisition strategies to acquire new customers.

  • Email Marketing – Email Marketing is a successful marketing channel used by many companies. Effective email marketing involves reaching new audiences, formulating enhanced messaging as well as minimizing costs. Here at Connext we believe in this mentality and are constantly striving to bring more to the table. To minimize costs, you must take steps to improve your website conversion efforts which can be accomplished by enhancing your calls-to-action, optimizing your landing pages, and ensuring your site is mobile device responsive.
  • Content Marketing – A very effective customer acquisition tool for businesses of all types, content marketing is the creation of new and relevant content that serves to grasp the attention of your audience and ultimately navigate them to your business website.
  • Blogging –Another very effective acquisition tool or method is that of blogging. Including a blog on your website provides you with a tool for writing about various topics while enhancing your industry knowledge and gaining authority with your blog readers. Writing on flexible topics helps you to be able to engage your audience more, whether they can interact with others in the comments below, or they can click on a call-to-action.

Flexibility and Targeting

A solid customer acquisition strategy, in order to be successful, needs to be flexible, targeted, and diversified. It is important to be aware of the fact that marketing and sales, and the way in which individuals respond to each are always changing and it is critical that you keep up with the changes.

Here at Connext Digital, our team of skilled professionals understands full well that not all customers will prove to be your best customers. With that said, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of targeting. Segmentation is a process that enables you to nurture your prospects by getting the right message out there at just the right time. Doing so will, over time, move each prospect through your funnel toward becoming a new customer. We also want to emphasize the importance of defining your target audience well in advance of investing in any type of customer acquisition method.

Email marketing is one of the best ways of getting your convincing messages in front of those who are prospective decision-makers. By using segmentation and the right created content, you are nurturing the right subscribers and are able to then increase your sales cycle by getting the right content, at just the right time, in front of the right decision-makers.

The Team You Can Trust

Here at Connext Digital, our skilled professionals are steadfast in their commitment to meet the individual needs of all our New York City valued clients. Successful New Customer Acquisition is essential to the success of any business and can most assuredly be accomplished when you rely upon the pros here at Connext Digital. To learn more about our effective solutions for New Customer Acquisition needs and successful email marketing, be sure to reach out to one of our team members today. We stand ready to serve you and to help your business acquire your next best new customers and watch your business grow!