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Every New York City business owner wants to experience quality customer engagement, especially through their Email Marketing campaigns. To accomplish this, it is important to understand the significant role that email hygiene plays in the overall process. Keeping email marketing metrics in line is essential to an effective and powerful email marketing campaign. Email hygiene is truly an all-important strategy for any New York City business in their efforts to enhance their email marketing campaigns.

Here at Connext Digital, our team of highly skilled and experienced analytics professionals is steadfast in their commitment to providing top-rated email marketing strategies and tools that contribute to enhanced email hygiene and on-demand email verification for all our New York City business clients. Our team of dedicated specialists will develop customized solutions that serve to protect the email marketing reputation of our clients all the while enhancing the overall deliverability of each of your customized and specialized email campaigns.

The innovative email hygiene & verification solution we offer here at Connext Digital is used for easy identification of records within your New York City company files that are either invalid, undeliverable, or are potentially very dangerous. We all know that a single keystroke can change an email address, mailing address or phone number, thereby rendering the contact as a non-deliverable contact. So called ‘unclean data’ ultimately costs New York City business owners millions and millions of dollars each year. The advanced email hygiene technique our data team uses has a number of benefits for our many business clients in New York City, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Increased ROI for email marketing
  • Enhanced quality of email distribution lists
  • Boosted inbox delivery
  • Mailing protocol protection

Here at Connext Digital, a recognized industry leader in email hygiene and verification processes, our team fully understands that high-quality, accurate data is the primary foundation of any effective and efficient business marketing campaign. With that said, our marketing solutions and varied email marketing strategies are founded on data hygiene principles which serve to outwardly improve the odds of New York businesses reaching their target audiences.

What is Email Hygiene and Why is it Important?

Email hygiene is a term used in email marketing and is typically specific to the cleaning up and properly maintaining of email lists. The primary focus of email hygiene is to maintain only those emails that are useful and valid within a list of subscribers and to remove those that are incomplete or invalid.

Email marketing has increased drastically over the years as has spam emails and complaints. Email hygiene helps your customers to be able to receive and have access to important content and helps to maintain your reputation as well. Without proper email hygiene, your quality of email is decreased, which may result in a lack of response from your subscribers which can ultimately lead to a not so positive effect on the reputation of your company brand.

Email hygiene plays a significant role in helping you to be more engaged with your target audience. It also helps with the segmentation of your email lists so as to ensure that your every message is being sent to only your target audience and subscribers. By cleaning your email lists regularly, the chance of responsive return emails will be greatly increased.

Email Hygiene Protocols

Here at Connext Digital, we take pride in our effective approach to ensuring email hygiene and verification. With our top-of-the-line email hygiene process, our team can easily identify those database records within your New York City company that are invalid. Our team is committed to ensuring clean email content so as to safely maintain enhanced data you have acquired over time. Our data team uses a comprehensive approach to performing necessary email hygiene processes in our efforts to help clients create and deliver quality content to their target audience.

  • It is important that all inactive subscribers are deleted from your company email lists.
  • Subscribers typically should be categorized into appropriate categories to allow for easy access and review.
  • When creating emails to be delivered to your target audience, it is important that you use interesting, eye-catching content in your subject lines. However, be sure to keep the subject line content short and concise, otherwise, recipients may simply delete the emails without even opening them.
  • Standardized identifying information such as titles, names, and street abbreviations, should always be used in your database. With these standards in place, there is little chance of data being incorrectly entered into a system. Proper data maintenance performed routinely will avoid having to perform extensive cleanups in the long term.
  • As part of email hygiene, it is important to be able to recognize errors and resolve the issues appropriately.
  • Only useful information should be entered into the database at all times to prevent useless data build-up.

Trust The Pros Here at Connext Digital

Here at Connext Digital, our team of analytics experts and highly skilled professionals are committed to providing our valued clients in New York City with only the highest quality email marketing products and services in the region. Having earned ourselves a spot in the community and marketplace, we remain steadfast in maintaining that very presence and take pride in the fact that our products and services will simply not be matched by any of our competitors. The dedicated analytics team here at Connext Digital takes a great deal of pride in delivering services that meet the specific marketing needs of all our New York City clients. With that said, we are committed to helping each one of our valued clients enhance their email marketing reach so as to ensure that their customers, old and new, are immersed in their brand throughout their marketing campaign.

To learn more about our top-of-the-line email marketing, email hygiene, and email verification services we offer our many New York City business clients, reach out to one of our friendly professionals today. Why delay? Contact our dedicated team of email marketing specialists today!

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