Data Enhancement

Data Enhancement, Norwalk


Here at Connext Digital, our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals takes pride in our unique approach to first and third-party data enhancement. Our team is committed to providing only the highest quality services to all our valued Norwalk clients. In this space, Connext Digital is a veteran. The expansive data repository we have here at Connext Digital intelligently combines the best attributes of the largest databases in the world as well as the most accurate and most comprehensive databases in our efforts to enable our clients to multiply and enhance the value of their data assets exponentially.

Our team of analytical experts is equipped to help you make your customer and prospect databases more intelligent and actionable. We can accomplish this by enhancing and multiplying your databases with Connext Digital’s wealth of consumer and B2B data coupled with the following elements:

  • Verified Email Addresses (B2B & B2C)
  • Demographics
  • Lifestyle/Lifecycle segmentation
  • Mobil App Download Data
  • Purchasing habits, patterns and trends
  • Brand preferences
  • Intent to purchase flags
  • Life-Event Triggers

What is Data Enhancement?

Data Enhancement is a method or process of improving your company data within your existing database by way of gathering additional content from various external sources. It is an important component of your business’ Email Marketing Strategy. With data enhancement, you are essentially adding new data elements to your current database. Companies across the board collect and input basic data about their clients into their business database. A data enhancement or sometimes referred to as a data append process would take the inputted information and match and compare it to larger more comprehensive business databases. In this appending process, any missing data fields of already stored clients and their likes are then added to your company database thereby expanding your data. Data from contacts and demographics to geographic information can be appended and added based upon your specific marketing needs.

Here at Connext Digital, we strongly believe that the more you know about your customers the better you are able to market specifically to them. Our dedicated team will examine your marketing goals, giving much attention to the data assets that will be most beneficial to achieving your goals for your Norwalk business. We compare your internal records side by side with a variety of external databases, aligning your specific records with third-party information. Data is then pulled from the identified third-party databases and added to your existing records which ultimately creates a far more comprehensive view of your target audience. Enhancing your data provides an expanded database with altogether new content that allows you to improve your overall marketing strategies. When you invest in data enhancement for your Norwalk business, you add more data to your existing contacts and customer records that not only builds a complete and accurate customer profile but also allows for greater targeted marketing campaigns.

Data enhancement is the ideal solution for companies looking to expand into a new target audience and market or are looking to add context to their current market and audience. Remember, data that is framed with the right content and is both accurate and consistent plays a significant role in all your important decision-making.

Why Data Enhancement is a Good Investment

There are a number of benefits that come into play when you choose to invest in data enhancement for your Norwalk business. These benefits include:

  • Cost savings – Enhanced data is not only verified for responsiveness but for accuracy as well. With that said, you minimize any chances of sending your emails or other communications to email addresses, home or business addresses, or phone and text numbers that will not set forth a response. You ultimately save marketing dollars that can be directed toward other areas of the business in need.
  • Time savings – When you use organic options to collect data about clients and potential prospects such as website surveys or loyalty programs you have to dedicate a good deal of time to the efforts. With data enhancement, you are able to capture the information near to immediately.
  • Business growth opportunities – For those Norwalk businesses looking to identify and expand into a whole new market, our data enhancement process here at Connext Digital can provide you with information such as geographic, demographic, and contact information to allow you to reach customers within a new business segment.
  • Enhanced internal business records – Data enhancement does not in any way replace or remove your existing records and data but rather it ‘enhances’ them. Your current records that are missing data elements are then supplemented by the data enhancement process, allowing you to better connect now with potential customers.
  • Identify opportunities – With data enhancement you are able to now identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with your already existing clients.
  • Increase ROI – You can easily increase ROI by getting the right message out to the right person at just the right time across all channels when they are mere steps away from making a purchase.
  • Much better customer experiences – With data enhancement you are finally able to send along marketing programs as well as personalized emails and communications to your target audience that are now more valuable and relevant to your audience.

The Professionals You Can Trust

Here at Connext Digital, we have the right solutions for you. Our data team possesses all the know-how and expertise needed to help you enhance your data. Our dedicated team of experts will always go the extra mile to find the perfect model that works best for our many Norwalk clients.

Data Enhancement will provide you with the resources you need to identify and target customers in your target audience and be able to effectively and efficiently market to them. If you are in the market for a top-rated Data Enhancement team for your Norwalk business, then look no further than the professionals here at Connext Digital. For more information about our highly successful data enhancement processes and other marketing tools, reach out to one of our dedicated staff members today. We look forward to serving you and to helping you to quickly improve your data which is by far the most significant asset of your business.