The Untapped Potential of Email Marketing

The marketing world is constantly changing. Where once marketing was highly dependent on print (from billboards to ads in the newspaper), advertising and marketing have shifted to a digital space, and with good reason. Digital marketing is much easier to push through to a captive, constantly-online audience. Email marketing is particularly effective. But if you don’t know much about email marketing, you might not fully understand its effectiveness. With that in mind, let’s explore why email marketing is still not only relevant but important in today’s digital world.

1. Affordability

While prices are generally rising regarding digital marketing, email marketing has remained relatively cost-effective. When utilizing email marketing, you can reach a vast audience while spending comparatively very little. It’s estimated that for every $1 spent on email marketing, business owners see a return of $42. Thousands of people can be contacted through one email blast, making email marketing cheaper than other forms of digital marketing while still being effective. Email costs start around $20/month for a small list size, and as you grow your list and make more money, the monthly cost will rise accordingly.

2. Branding

Email marketing is essential for those attempting to build a brand. As people see your emails regularly, they will associate your brand with their emails’ messaging. Whether that is in the form of short subject lines or bright images in the emails themselves, you can use email marketing to build brand awareness in a big way.

3. People Read Emails

When you send out snail mail marketing, this will often end up being tossed away. People read their emails. It takes less effort to click into an email than to tear into junk mail, and a good subject line can make people think twice about deleting an email. Especially since most people have email apps on their phones, sending out an email can trigger a push notification right to your user’s home screen.

4. It Creates A Dialogue

People interact more with emails, and a greater number of people can be reached through emails, thousands at once, potentially. You will often hear back from people about the emails you send out, allowing you to hear valuable feedback and maintain consumer engagement.

It takes relatively little investment in email marketing, with great potential rewards. Don’t dismiss this form of marketing.

Jessica Rodriguez