Audience Development Marketing

With our prospect email campaigns, we can pull as targeted of a list as you need from our prospect email database over 235 million verified records.

Email Appending

Our multi-sourced ePostal database has the highest match-rates of verified and deliverable email addresses. We have match rates ranging from 35-50% on average for consumer email appends. Our processes are simple and easy to integrate directly into our client’s existing CRM and email platforms via batch or API solutions. Business email appends are also available.

Email Deployment

At Connext Digital every part of your email marketing campaign is processed through our state-of-the-art campaign management services. We provide full service email marketing management through our integrated marketing technology and pride ourselves on always providing outstanding customer service.

Our customer acquisition process enables all of our client partners both large and small to profile core prospecting segments, reach scalable local and national audiences and deploy targeted email marketing campaigns through premium email delivery partners.

We consultatively work with our client partners from start to finish through the entire campaign deployment process: selecting the best audiences, building the best creatives, subject line development and then the analyzing of detailed post campaign reporting.

Email Match & Deploy

With our Match & Deploy email services we can take your existing email file, verify the email addresses and send an email blast to all your records.

Email Hygiene

The need for on-demand email verification is more important than ever. Connext Digital will develop a custom solution to help protect your email marketing reputation while significantly improving the deliverability of your email campaigns. Connext Digital’s industry leading data hygiene technology and email verification service will identify invalid, undeliverable or even potentially dangerous records within your file.

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