Digital DNA Mapping

Connext Digital enables our clients the ability to reach the same customer or prospect across all channels through our unique digital onboarding process. Our industry leading matching capability will seamlessly input your consumer data file and match those individuals to the following marketing channels:

1. Verified Deliverable Email
2. Mobile Display
3. Desktop
4. Native
5. Social (Facebook)

Digital Audience Recognizer (DAR)

Through our state-of-the-art active pixel technology Connext Digital’s proprietary DAR allows our clients to much better understand who is visiting their website, when they visit and how they are accessing the webpages (mobile, tablet, desktop).

Once placed on a client’s webpage our DAR pixels will actively capture IP Address, MDID and cookie information which Connext Digital then matches back to our extensive consumer database. Once that match is complete we can return a plethora of marketing information including verified email addresses back to our clients where they can retarget site visitors with a much better understanding of exactly who they are.

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