The quality of data is the foundation of any successful marketing campaigns. Any company that wants to ensure their data files are accurate should consider implementing address hygiene services before beginning a campaign, digital or print. This simple and inexpensive step drastically improves the odds of reaching your target audience. We are the industry leader in email hygiene & verification for confirming the validity, deliverability, and risk profile of email addresses in real-time on a single unified secure cloud platform.

Connext returns a clear hygiene & verification disposition code on all emails processed to identify all records deemed too risky for mailing (e.g. high complaints, chronic unsubscribes, traps, etc.). This maximizes email inbox delivery for companies and enables marketers to cleanse data for safe remarketing and legacy reactivation campaigns.


Suppression Type Count
Bad Domain 135
Bad Word 18
High Complaint 229
Invalid 5,515
Low Complaint 208
Trap 388
Unknown 122
Unsub 3,498
Net Records 3,441
Original File Count 13,554