ConnextOne marketing gives you the ability to interact with potential customers on various platforms or touch-points in one unified process. Marketers can utilize email, postal, mobile, social and/or display in unison or a la carte to achieve their goal no matter how complex it might be.


Our multi-channel approach and technology allows us to optimize your marketing program for maximum returns and facilitate the strategy in a very targeted and relevant manner.


Utilizing a multi-channel approach allows marketers the agility to target the same person across all of their devices at the same time, creating a one-touch campaign. This approach will assist in gaining feedback and insight as to where your prospects respond, purchase and engage. It’s about the right connection to the right person, in the right channel, on the right device, at the right time.



  • Starts with a person, not just an anonymous segment.
  • Use consumer insight to fuel conversation and program development.
  • Ability to connect with your prospective consumer where they are, when they are there!
  • Apply proven best practices to your acquisition marketing .
  • A significant lift (30%) over single channel campaigns.
  • Receive a complete view of your customer.


One solution. One all encompassing Marketing Engine. One amazing solution to get the most out of every one of your marketing and advertising dollars – ConnextOne!

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