11 Creative Ways to Grow Your Email List

Undoubtedly, one of the best foundations on which to build your personal relationship with customers is email, as 99% of consumers check their email daily. Meanwhile, roughly 40% of B2B marketers say email newsletters are most vital to their content marketing success. So, yes, email certainly remains to be a valuable and worthwhile marketing strategy. […]

Proven Ways to Analyze Website Visitor Data-Banner

Proven Ways to Analyze Website Visitor Data

We’re now right smack in the middle of the digital age, making it an expectation for your business to run its own website so you don’t get left behind. Having one is essential, not only because it provides an easier way for customers to access your product or service but also because it acts as […]


8 Solutions to Combat and Re-Engage Your Cart Abandoners

It’s estimated that, globally, cart abandonment rates are 75.25%. And for mobile users, it’s even higher. Roughly 85/65% of mobile shoppers ditch their cart before checking out. Why are so many customers not finishing their purchases? Some of the biggest causes of cart abandonment among shoppers include high shipping fees, security concerns, slow websites, and […]


7 Examples of Social Ads That are Just Plain “Woke”

If you look at the most talked about adverts in the world, you’ll notice that all of them run through a common thread: they can tug at your emotions. Brands who have successfully been able to wield the power of emotional marketing will tell you that incorporating emotions in your strategies work. Emotions play an […]

A Guide to Building Accurate Buyer Personas Using Real Data-Banner

A Guide to Building Accurate Buyer Personas Using Real Data

In this increasingly customer-centric business landscape, it’s getting more important than ever for companies to tap into their buyers’ mindset. By putting yourself in your customer’s shoes, you’ll understand their pain points, needs, and decision-making process better. Enter: buyer personas. Buyer personas are one of the most tried and tested ways of getting into your […]


5 Behavioral Emails to Engage Your Customers

Checking your inbox is like opening a box of chocolates: “you never know what you’re gonna get.” Perhaps Forrest Gump’s mom knew a thing or two about emails before it was even a thing. After all, going over those unopened emails with interesting subject lines makes you want to take a ‘bite’ to find out […]

Email Deployment Checklist

Email Deployment Checklist: Things to Do Before Hitting That Send Button

Is there anything worse than sending out a marketing email only to later realize that you had spelling errors or the link to your call to action was broken? Email blunders can embarrass your business and even damage your brand reputation. Once you’ve hit the send button, there’s no turning back. The best email marketing […]


6 Tips For Millennial-Friendly Email Marketing Campaigns

Despite persistent rumors to the contrary filtering in over the years (likely from overzealous social media converts), email marketing isn’t dead. In fact, it’s never been more alive. So many information sources compete for our attention, yet the trusty email inbox remains a place of relative trust and time investment. But that doesn’t mean you […]

Compelling Reasons Your Business Must Try In-App Advertising

6 Compelling Reasons Your Business Must Try In-App Advertising

Mobile advertising is leading the digital advertising industry right now and it’s not slowing down any time soon. Advertising on mobile apps has far more reach than desktop ads as mobile users consume more digital minutes compared with desktop users. This gives in-app advertising as much power and magnitude as traditional advertising channels in today’s […]

Banner How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Email Marketing

How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Email Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been significant in the advancement of digital marketing, including email marketing. Its core aspects—big data and machine learning—have been essential in the spread of AI for email marketing. Paired with other technologies like business intelligence and cognitive computing, your emails can have a greater chance of engaging clients and prospects, this […]