Rob FitzGerald – Founder | CEO

I have spent just about my entire breathing career earning my stripes at a diverse group of data and digital marketing centered companies, both public and private. I have lead, directed and built all types of products and sales strategies, which allowed other companies to build their business and increase their bottom line through adding new customers to their products and solutions.

I caught the digital fever in the late 90’s and jumped into the .com world and started helping companies build their brand and increase new customer acquisition efforts through online channels. After working for larger companies, I decided to work in small start-ups and eventually started my own business – Connext Digital. Now while putting together very complex digital marketing strategies for companies that not only have national reach, but also regional and local, I also get to work in the markets that I have an affinity for. I can also drive the business down the roads I feel are the best routes for myself and Connext Digital. What’s even better, I get to enjoy my family and be there for them, while still being present and taking care of all my clients.

Outside of my company endeavors I enjoy watching Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football and the Washington Redskins. I live to watch my kids play sports, and am very active in coaching youth athletics, being an Unbound Children’s Sponsor, and coming up with creative ways to do the ordinary things extraordinarily well.

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Lori Colantuono – Vice President | Digital Sales

As a loyal devotee of the direct marketing industry for over 21 years I have seen slow and steady elephants blossom in to quick and nimble cheetahs! Most of my career was spent at one of the largest database compilation companies in the industry. And what I realized is I LOVE DATA! I have spent most of my career learning how to listen to my clients’ needs and working with them to create a customized strategic plan for them to have a successful marketing program. Data is an intricate part of that success. Whether they are looking for a traditional postal campaign or a multi-channel program utilizing all this wonderful digital technology the world has to offer, I have become an expert in helping clients figure out what mix of data will work best for them. Being super energetic about my job and truly loving this industry has made me as successful as I have been. I find building relationships still the most fulfilling and important part of a long successful partnership with customers.

When I don’t have my nose to the grind I enjoy cooking, a good bottle of red wine, hanging out with my kids, a good movie and just enjoying life!

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John Longobardo – Vice President | Sales

Data is what I know, Data is what I do. I have spent my entire career working with and trying to understand the nuances of consumer data. How leveraging reliable intelligent data can help my clients make better and stronger marketing decisions. I have worked with some of the largest Advertising Agencies in the world as well as mid-market and local companies to help them harness the power of “big data”. Working alongside them as a collaborator and partner to build better CRM platforms, launch more successful Marketing campaigns and develop more meaningful relationships with their customers – all of this powered by Data!

The only thing more important than my career is my family. Some of them have two legs like my wife Crista and two beautiful daughters Bella Ivy and Mia Rose while Captain Awesome, Django and Jezebel enjoy the benefits of having four legs and a tail.

Outside of work some of my favorite things to spend time doing are cooking, playing tennis, watching football (Dallas Cowboys / America’s Team) and piloting my drone over the beautiful landscapes of Arizona and Mexico. .

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